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Our Story

Thank you for visiting Conscious Living For YOU!

We are so humbled that you have decided to visit!

My name is Loretta and my husband is Paul. We would like to inspire, and be inspired by others, through this site.


Loretta is a RN-BSN in the state of NJ, having had a MST/PCT certification for many years. In addition to being a health practitioner, she is also a certified yoga Instructor. She has a strong background in science, health, nutrition, and a passion for naturopathy and Integrative Medicine.

Paul is a
graphic designer and creative professional, with experience in various meditative practices. He has a deep interest in science, spiritual wisdom, and all types of knowledge.


We were good friends for many years before becoming a couple, and were married in a ceremony celebrating our sacred union on July 1, 2018.

On June 13, 2020, we added a new member to our Conscious Living family, our son Paul Giuseppe Micarelli, and he is a light in our lives!

We both passionately believe in the benefits of healthy living, and hope to provide a resource for people who share this interest with us.

Click below to contact us about:

• Yoga Lessons • Mind/Body Health • Conscious Graphic Design

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